Scalable Network Monitoring Technology

We make network monitoring performance scalable, geographical scalable, cost scalable. With our software technology, a standard Server turns into a powerful network monitoring device that captures full 10Gbps traffic and makes the traffic data searchable.

The Technology

The technological goal for archiving scalable network monitoring platform is :

  • monitor highspeed link (i.e. 10GbE) and capture all packets
  • ability to monitor multiple links of multiple locations
  • process collected packets on-the-fly and obtain information such as statistics
  • index all the data and provide integrated search capability

This means it is required to receive vast amount of data at multiple locations, move those data around locally or over the network as needed, and be able to search them quickly.

In order to meet the goal, we have developed key features shown in the figures on the right.

  • capture packets
  • demux data into parallel data stream
  • fast packet buffer specialized for packet data buffering
  • multiple data reader from packet buffer
  • session tracking feature to track multiple protocol communication
  • mux data from multiple data stream
  • pipeline data processing capability to perform on-the-fly packet processsing
  • filesystem specialized for storing traffic data
  • parallelized disk i/o
  • indexing for data search
  • specialized search engine for searching traffic data

We target the modern server platforms with NUMA architecture. A typical platform of this type is 64bit multicore Nehalem Intel CPU with Quick Path Interconnect.

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